Okay so majority rules I guess I’m not deleting

So that means this blog is probably going to be dead though. (Well okay maybe there will be an occasional reblog if I press the wrong blog. But probably not.) It’s just going to be a place to keep all my old art and things.

If you guys still want to follow me, I have;

personal blog, filled with stupid things from little ol me. URL’s also rabbit themed. (Warning, OCs and occasionally, anime at times)

an actual anime blog, because why not. also because I do tend to get emotional over them. also doubles as super rough sketch blog as well. ALSO has a better blog scheme, in my opinion.

patronustrip asked: NO. WHY.

Because I don’t use this blog as much anymore but you follow my personal so it’s okay we can still talk about art stuff and how cute our little Dianna and Lea are and the fact that Glee’s insane!!

Anonymous asked: Can I ask why?

I used littleolrabbit as a glee blog, and, well, I don’t post Glee as much as I did. This blog just sits there.

I mean, I still have my personal blog so I’m not completely off tumblr, but yeah.

Also I kind of used this blog as my secret identity blog, since I had some people irl follow me on my personal blog, and this blog was where I could just blog whatever without having to feel judged.

But I’m at the point in my life where I honestly don’t care anymore about that (yay character development for me??) soooo…

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insanetwin asked: NO, what are you doing don't delete this blog!!

Well I don’t post much here…

I just wanted your guys’ opinions because I know that feeling when you want to see a picture again but the person’s blog/account is deleted so you can’t see it, so I was wondering if I should just delete this blog or keep it up as just a place for my old art so others can look back at it and smile c:

Or something like that.

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batpanda asked: What?! Why?! D:

Well I don’t post on it as much anymore…I post on my personal a lot more these days.

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kyouhomu asked: Will you be keeping your other blog?

Oh yeah, o’course! I’m just thinking of deleting THIS blog.

I’ll put up the link to my personal blog if people want to follow me still.

So I’m thinking of deleting this blog

So from tumblr I’m getting that the Glee episode has Rachel going topless and Quinn dying.

Guess Lea Michele’s boobs are just that amazing.

Artie/Rachel AU doodles

(Because y’know, I love doing that whole “punch you in the gut” kind of doodles.)

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